Visit Termessos- an ancient Pisidian City inluded in a National Park
Natural Plateau of Gulluk Dagi (Gulluk Mountain)
Discover impressive ancient temples, theatre, city walls, Odeon, cemeteries, monumental tombs
Enjoy Waterfalls falling from the rocky clifftops
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Hotel pick-up/drop-off
Professional guide
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Study footwear is essential as you will be exploring the area on foot. This involves strenuous walking uphill and climbing over ruins to gain access to many of the sites.

Termessos is perhaps the most interesting ancient city in Antalya region. It is a Pisidian city built at a height of 1050 meters at the south-west side of the mountain Solymos (modern day Gulluk Dag?) in the Taurus Mountains. Founded by the Solyms, an ancient Anatolian community, the early history of the inhabitants of this city is relatively obscure, however it is known that the city successfully defended itself against Alexander the Great in 333 BC. The city later became an ally of Rome and was effectively part of the Roman Empire. The end ot Termessos came when its aqueduct was crushed in an earthquake, destroying the water supply to the city. It was abandoned in - a fact that does much to account for its remarkable state of preservation today.
The views are amazing and the area completely undeveloped.

In addition to its natural defences the city of Termessos boasted an impressive gate, built in 130AD in honour of the Roman emperor Hadrian. As the city’s influence declined after the third century AD the three-arched opening to the gate was used less and less frequently, resulting in a perfectly preserved architectural monument, complete with reliefs and engravings that are visible today.The Gymnasium and cemeteries are also well worth a visit, the latter offering a diverse and richly decorated set of tombs. There are also another ancient remains like the city walls, Towers, King's Road, Agora, Odeon, cisterns. 
Because of its natural and historical riches, the city has been included in a National Park bearing its name. Termessos constitutes an unusual synthesis of a large number of rare plants and animal species, which are under protection in this National Park.The National Park itself offers an ecosystem, home to many endangered species including the Golden Eagle. As such, it has been on the tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage since 2000.

You will end the trip by visiting Duden Waterfalls, where the mountain streams that have shared your journey down from the peaks reach the Mediterranean in a series of spectacular waterfalls falling from the rocky clifftops.

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